Monster Jam

This weekend, our activity was different entirely, no running, no shopping (well, perhaps a little of both) but our main event was definitely a special one and something you don’t get to experience every other day. After all, this show rarely goes outside of the United States and for Manila and the Philippines this is definitely a first.

Monster Jam!

And These are truly monsters, weighing in at 10,000 pounds (4,500kg) each and powered by 1,500 horse powers, these roaring machines are a great distraction for a Saturday afternoon.
So we got tickets for the pit party, ahead of the official event. After all, you don’t get to see these guys every other day, much less close up and with the drivers. And Liz wasted no time to get up and close with Scott Libbycoat, driver of Dragon.
Meanwhile I decided to hang out with the only “Girly” Driver of a monster truck, Cynthia Gauthier.
And finally, with the Arena all set and ready to go
Oh, these are not the monsters! This was the warm up ATV championship.
But then, an eardrum bursting roar and we knew that it was time!
With one on one action:
Until some end up going out in smoke
While others continue to spit fire
By this time our ear drums had taken a serious beating and we were quite happy for a short intermission. When the heavy machinery pulled out, we got curious what might come next?
It soon became clear that we were in for another treat. The freestyle motorcross would generate slightly less noise but nonetheless get the crowd going.
When these cars were brought in, it was clear that they were not going to be part of any race. At least not in the typical sense.
And soon, evidence to that was laid:
Then Zombie goes airborne
El toro Loco is back to dig some dirt
Before Son Uva Digger takes the remaining heaps of dirt apart
With Max-D and Grave Digger putting on the finishing touches


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