Two Natives of very different Origins Liz is a native of Sabah (North Borneo), East Malaysia. Harald hails from Upper Austria. Hence two dedicated pages on these two countries (coming soon). Here we share with you places we visited,  adventures we enjoyed and much more! This is our living diary! More about our countries? Oh yes: Sabah does have some of the most beautiful beaches and spectacular scuba diving sites you will ever see! And no, in Borneo people don’t live on trees! And yes, it’s true that there are no kangaroos in Austria! We can also confirm that Austrian diet is not limited to Schnitzel and Sachertorte. Plenty of other delicious food in the Alpenland! We like traveling and photography. Two hobbies, which combine well together and so we look forward to sharing our latest adventures. Every now and then we also do relocate. So you need to check in with us once in a while to keep track of where we are. So here we are, two happy Globe-trotters and hope you will enjoy some of our ramblings!